October 2nd
 Shorty’s like a melody in my head. 
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September 26th

the morning after …


id love to say …

I’m sorry you had a shitty weekend love. But people who get pissed at you for stupid shit don’t matter. I love you and I miss you. I hope you’re feeling better today. I get to see you! =)

20090926 @ 0943
September 22nd


i love zooey deschanel

I swear I was going to post this video right under the original one I put on your Facebook. Haha!

20090922 @ 1456

True story.



Jaded: adjective : made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience

gab, how can you hate this ?! if you had to describe us in one word other than bitch, it’d be jaded. i just embrace it.

Haha! It’s true. It’s practically my favorite word because it describes us so well.

20090922 @ 0911
September 19th

I hate this.

Jaded: adjective : made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience

20090919 @ 2228

so farr…


highlights from last night:

tom used the weirdest pick up lines on me that i’ve ever heard. tried to crawl into bed with me and say the blanket was an invisible barrier.

uni cops came. hid in a closet suspended like a ninja for 10 minutes. so scary. mike says im anne frank, champ of hide and seek.

rode without seatbelts in the backseat of the car. Pineapple is the code word for “accident coming grab Kim so she doesn’t fly away”.


woke up. cleaned the apt. ate a HUGE effing burrito. walked around dc. lincoln monument. washington monument. WWII. metro. rode in my trunk. squished four people in my backseat.

Lovelovelove all of this. =) I’m glad you had fun.

20090919 @ 2224
September 18th


Seeing as how Tumblr has made it a chore to make your blog private - I will sometimes have to make cryptic blog posts.

On another note - I have off all day today! So excited! By off I mean free of my disgusting part time job and school. I have a bunch of other shit to do today. I think I’ll go over Anna’s house when she gets off work because all my friends are either away or have better shit to do on a Friday night.

20090918 @ 1028
September 17th
 I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier. 
— The Killers
20090917 @ 2113

"You need to jump on the bangwagon as roon as it rolls by."

Trying to figure out Tumblr! Once again, here is another social networking site that Kim has started using that I follow up on! =)

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